Dragon’s Paradise

Crying didn’t come easy to Eve.  But it was only the expression of joy on Patrick’s face that stopped her tears now.  She sat down and studied her new home.  The ground was like a deep, very rocky bowl.  She estimated it would take two hours to get to the bottom.  There were a few bushes and some small clusters of trees, the rest of it was a dull grey.

There are rabbits and other small animals down there, said Patrick, still holding Eve’s hand.  And fish, he pointed to a stream that was flowing from a cave.  And we can live in one of the caves.

Eve liked hunting and fishing.  She had always been good at tracking animals.  As they had traveled to their new home they had hunted for practically every meal.  She had felt almost like a wild animal herself.  She had never been happier.  But that was in the forest.  Their home

was a hard place with limited wildlife and huge boulders.  It seemed very inhospitable to her.

She stood up and forced a smile.  Come on, let’s go.

Eve, Patrick pulled her close and looked into her eyes.  AI know its not what you were expecting.  But please trust me.  I know this is the place for us.  I have wanted to live here ever since I first saw it.

I do trust you, Eve held him tight and then smiled.  Now, lets go see our new home.

Months passed and Eve accepted her home because she was with him.  But she still wasn’t happy the way Patrick was.   Eve was really happy only when they went exploring or hunting.

On one such trip, they got separated, and try as she might Eve couldn’t track her husband.  His trail just disappeared.  Trying not to panic she ran for miles calling his name.  She then returned home hoping he would be there.  He wasn’t.

With supplies she returned to where his trail ended.  Spiraling away in ever widening circles she watched for signs of him.  After two days of nothing a loud rumbling caught her attention.  Entering a clearing her heart almost stopped.  The sound came from a dragon sleeping within the clearing.

It was large and the color of earth.  Its massive head rested on the ground with long teeth protruding from its mouth.  Eve backed away horrified.  Had it attacked Patrick?  Was Patrick dead?

I don’t eat humans.  And I don’t kill unless I’m hungry.

She stopped.  It was the dragon and he sounded friendly.

Have you seen my husband? she approached cautiously.

No, it watched her approach.  But I can give you a better view.

Unsure but desperate, Eve climbed on his back.  Within moments they were airborne.  For a few moments Eve marveled at the dragon=s power and speed.  She held tight to protrusions his back and almost screamed with excitement as they flew high into the sky.  Eve noticed that his skin had become the color of the sky.  She looked down at the trees far below but wasn’t afraid.

ASlow down and fly lower please, she thought to the dragon.  I can’t see between the trees.

You don’t need to, he flew higher and faster.  I know where your Patrick is.

Where is he? Eve was now a little afraid.  Tell me.

The dragon just laughed and kept going higher.  No.



Eve was now very angry.   But she was helpless.  What could she do against a dragon.  Especially so far above the ground.  The trees below looked like patches of moss on rocks.

Without warning the dragon turned over and Eve lost her grip.  She heard him laugh again and she fell.   After that all she could hear was the wind.  It blew so hard against her that tears were forced from her eyes.   The dragon had killed Patrick and soon she would be dead to.  And she didn’t even know why.    As she tumbled toward the ground she watched the dragon turn and fly away from her.   Rage filled her heart as she watched the retreating creature.  She screamed in fury and reached her arms toward the dragon.

Suddenly extreme pain wracked her body.  She felt like she was being torn apart.  Her arms got larger and longer and large leathery wings erupted from her back.  Scales cut through her skin and covered her.  Claws pushed through her hands and toes and she could feel the power in her hind legs and tail.  Her descent had stopped and moving purely on instinct she forced her wings against the air propelling herself forward.

Eve roared her challenge daring the dragon to face her now.  She saw him turn and then dive towards the ground.

Coward, she screamed and dove after him.

He plunged into the forest and trees and branches were thrown into the air as he flew through them.

Fool, she shrieked at him, following his trail from above.  You can’t hide from me.

Suddenly the movement stopped.  No more branches flew into the air.  The disturbance in the trees ended.  Eve plunged into the forest ready to attack him on the ground but he wasn’t there.  She searched the ground for dragon tracks but there were none.  With a furious roar she charged back into the air to search from above.

She scanned the area past the trees.  The ground was littered with large boulders but there was no place for a dragon to hide.  Frustrated she turned to continue her search elsewhere.  Out of the corner of her eye she saw a movement.  She turned back in time to see one of the boulders move.  The dragons skin was now grey to match his surroundings.  The perfect hiding place.

Ready to kill she dove at him.  She almost couldn’t stop in time as she saw Patrick standing where the dragon had been.  By the time she landed on the ground she was human again.

Laughing, she threw her arms around her husband.  Now I see why this place is perfect for us.

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